Terms & Conditions


In consideration of their mutual promises, Joe Rockhead’s Climbing Gym Ltd. (hereafter referred to as Rockhead’s) and the member agree as follows:

1. Rockhead’s reserves the right to terminate memberships if at any time the member is in default of payment. This does not alleviate responsibility for full payment. Member is responsible for making sure payments can be
processed each month.

2. A service charge of $20.00 will be added to any declined credit cards or NSF cheques.

3. Membership is not transferable.

4. Member uses facilities at his/her own risk.

5. Rockhead’s is under no obligation to notify member of expiration/cancellation of membership.

6. Notice to cancel monthly membership must be given a minimum of 30 days before your debit
withdrawal, before membership can be cancelled.

7. Member agrees to accept the hours of facilities availability.    

8. Member agrees to produce membership card each and every time she/he wishes to use the facilities. Lost cards may warrant a replacement fee.

9. Member agrees to keep and obey all rules and regulations now in force or in future prescribed by Joe Rockhead’s Climbing Gym Ltd.

10. Membership cannot be put on hold for any reason.

11. Membership cannot be stopped and started for any reason. In fairness to our members, we cannot make exceptions.

12. The member shall not be relieved of his/her obligations to make any payments herein agreed to, and no deduction or allowance from said purchase shall be made by reason of absence or withdrawal of any
member from the facility or by reason of any members failure to attend or use the facility or by reason of change in the physical condition of any member.

13. After first 12 month period, Rockhead’s reserves the right, without notice, to increase monthly payments in accordance with any yearly membership fee increases.

14. All members must take full responsibility for their choice in belayers. Rockhead’s will not be responsible for poor judgement by an ill-chosen belayer.

15. All climbers must be belayed on climbing routes.

16. All climbers must tie in directly to their harness with figure 8 follow through and keeper knot.

17. Member has signed and completed a waiver.

10-Pass Cards

1. Non-transferable.
2. Shareable. Pass holder must be present when passes are shared. 
3. Pass is valid at Joe Rockhead's and Up The Bloc.


1. A visa or m/c # is required to hold the booking.

2. Any changes to the booking (number of participants, rescheduling, cancellation) must be done at least 24 hrs in advance, or a $10 per spot fee will apply.
3. Minimum age 14 (parents must be present to sign waiver).
4. Those under 18 must ensure their own suitable partner.

Kid’s Climbs

1. $50 non-refundable deposit to be made at time of booking.
2. May be rescheduled up to 1 week prior.
3. Confirmed numbers 4 days in advance (Confirmed number will be the minimum charged).
4. Cake, food, and presents are not permitted in the building.