Membership has its perks.

Autumn is the time to climb, and an EFT membership is the best way to enjoy climbing at Rockhead’s. It's the cheapest way to climb, comes with discounts on your favourite gear, and lets you bring in new friends for free. Plus, use the UTB Tab to pay for your daily needs- like chalk, sour keys, or Red Bull-  without your wallet.

Start an EFT and get one month FREE.

For a limited time, you can climb FREE for 30 days when you start a new EFT membership. First, choose the rate that's perfect for you. Next, start your EFT with a  prorated down payment for September and October. After that, enjoy free climbing all November! We'll start your automatic payments on December 1st.

What is an EFT membership?

EFT is an acronym for electronic funds transfer - just a fancy name for a monthly payment from your credit card. In the same way that Netflix automatically charges you every month to watch movies in bed all day, we charge you on the first day of each month to climb fun boulders, meet new people, and feel great about yourself.

Any other questions? Drop us a line or talk to us at the front desk.