New Climbers

Joe Rockhead’s has introduced more people to the exciting sport of climbing than any other organization in the country. We pride ourselves on our impeccable safety record and our ability to bring it all to you in a fun, low-pressure atmosphere. 

New climbers can safely explore un-roped climbing on our bouldering walls without formal instruction, at their own pace. However, we recommend first-timers reserve a place in a Top Rope 101 class to gain roped belay skills and confidence in your technique.

Our beginner lessons are not the quickie 15 minute specials you may find at other gyms for the same price. Rockhead’s comprehensive lessons introduce all the safety and technical aspects of indoor rock climbing including top roping and bouldering.

If you’re 13 years old or younger, we recommend organizing a Kids Climb.

Top Rope 101 $40

Ages 14 plus

Designed to introduce beginners to the sport. This lesson teaches you how to belay effectively and tackle any of our top-rope routes. Our instructors will be at your service for another hour after the lesson to give a helping hand and take your skills beyond the basics.

Price includes day pass, shoe and harness rental.


All the perks of a Top Rope 101 class, but extended for 30 days. Enjoy your lesson, then enjoy a 30 day membership with all of your rental gear included whenever you visit.

Top ROPE Belay Test FREE

Ages 14 plus

Our Top Rope Belay Test is available to all climbers who are experienced top rope belayers, or who have recently finished our Basic Beginner Lesson. Passing this test grants you permission to top rope belay for other guests and members at Joe Rockhead’s. You must demonstrate how to wear and inspect a harness, how to tie in and inspect a climber’s knots, and how to properly belay a climber with a Grigri. Figure 8s are not pre-tied, and Grigris must be attached to the belayer’s harness.

Visitors must have a willing partner with them for the test. No booking required.